Our Private Health and Home Care Centre, which is the first and only authorized home care centre in Muğla is located in Bodrum Torba area. We aim to bring a new understanding to private health services by contributing to the people of Bodrum and tourism with our expert in field physicians, experienced health care personnel and friendly support team.

You can either come to our centre or request a visit from our doctors and nurses to fulfil your health needs and plan your treatments.

Please call for more information about the services we offer and/or to make an appointment.

  • Emergency and Ambulance Services
  • Doctor Examination
  • Nursing Services
  • VIP Health Services
  • IV Treatments
  • Long-Short Cast Application
  • Stitching and Minor Surgical Operations
  • Urethral Catheterization
  • Nebula Treatment
  • Oxygen Treatment
  • ECG
  • Laboratory Services
  • Glutathione/Ascorbic Acid/Alpha Lipoic Acid Toxification Treatment
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